Reno’s Best Deal in Computer Repair! Call 775-313-1951 to setup a service call today! This has been the most popular special since we started computer repair in 2005!

While many charge hundreds for this type of service, RenoGeek is still offering it’s Special rate of just $120.00

For just $120.00 RenoGeek will do all this…

* Detect and Remove all Viruses, Rootkits, Ransomware, Bots, Adware, PUP’s and Spyware from your system.

* Install or update Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Software.
* Check and Repair your Hard drive for errors.
* Repair Windows Registry errors.
* Remove unnecessary files to free up disk space.
* Get rid of background services and startup programs that slow your system down.

* Install Windows Security updates, and needed drivers.
* Defragment the Windows Registry and Hard Drives to optimize speed.
* Consult with you after the cleaning so you may learn how to avoid future Infections.

Free Pickup, Return and Setup! Call now to make your computer a safer, faster system! No need to drag your computer all over town! If we can’t repair your computer on-site we move it for you, for Free!


For just $120.00 (regular price is $150.00) RenoGeek will pick up your system and recover the data from your hard drive and transfer it to a Cd/DVD or computer of your choice.

* Offer does not apply to out of shop/3rd party “clean room” recovery operations.


Do you travel around allot with a laptop? What would happen if it got lost or stolen? Is there data on it right now that you would not want a thief to have?

Renogeek’s Security special takes your computer security beyond puny Windows passwords using whole disk encryption. With whole disk encryption even if somebody takes the hard drive out of your maching and puts it into their system they will not be able to read your data.

For $150.00 RenoGeek will upgrade your PC to make sure your data is safe!