Is remote computer repair safe?

Are remote pc repairs safe?
Is remote computer repair safe?

Is remote computer repair safe?

There is a trend where out of state (or country) “companies” try and get new local business and consumer clients by fixing computers over the internet. RenoGeek in general does not recommend this type of repair for a number of technical and security reasons…

First off, no repair can be done as well as one done by a trained computer technician standing right there looking at your system.

Can you name anything you do better 5,000 miles away? No? You sure? nuff said there.

Many of these companies will try and hide under the “cover” of a local number that then re-directs you to their call centers.

Next as these companies are not local you have no way to really check them out and who are you going to call if your computer is crashed and can’t boot up again?

The local BBB or business license office can’t do anything about a business 100, 500, or even 5,000 miles out of the state.

Last, how secure is it to let some stranger with just a website or 1-800 number go into your system without ever meeting them? How do you know for sure that you did not just let some hacker into your computer?

If your pipes burst and water was all over your house would you just call “somebody” and tell them…
“Hey, the door is open let yourself in, I’ll be back later tonight.” No? Did not think so.

Onsite, local service in your home or office is much safer then any “Remote” or “Online” Services. Do you want to trust your business and private data to somebody you have never met 3,000 miles away at some call center?

How do you know for sure your connected with a business and not an identity thief or hacker sitting at home?

And no doubt, you do not want to deal with trying to get a broken, failing computer to connect over the Internet with “somebody” else’s computer. Also none of these services can fix a hardware problem. Can you fix a loose cable over the phone? But they will be more then happy to take your money trying to fix your computer anyway.

They also can not see other things, like loose power connections or even simple settings on your hardware that could make Windows run again.

The dirty little secret of “online” repairs is that your system has to be running pretty well to be able to connect to them in the first place.

Got a Virus or Spyware?
While many claim they can get rid of them online in fact they can not get your computer to the special running states needed to Guarantee your system is clean.

Just doing a virus scan with Windows still running means you have a much higher chance of an unsuccessful repair. As many viruses hide in the boot sector of your computer and can not be effectively cleaned while Windows is running (and a call center can not connect to your computer while Windows is not running).

And then there is always the question of what do you do if you get disconnected in the middle of their service?
Will you be able to get back online? Will you have to call back and tell operator #427 what was going on all over again?

Would you like to work with somebody that lives here in Reno with you?
Nobody based outside of Reno can help you like RenoGeek can. So give us a call today.

Here are some simple tips to make sure your computer repair is a safe and secure one…

1. Hire local techs you can meet and who have a business license to show you.
You will get a better repair (they can see what’s going on) and you can report them to the local authorities if something should go wrong.

2. Never let somebody into your system over the internet or phone if you have not seen them face to face before.
Anybody can make a fancy website saying how great they are and have a 1-800 number that forwards to their cell phone.
Make sure your always calling a local phone so you know your dealing with a real person that’s in Nevada.

Over the last few years I have seen a HUGH increase in the amount of scammers calling people and trying to talk them into “free scans” or saying they have “detected” something wrong with your system. Once again NEVER let a stranger into your system!

3. Never, never pay in advanced or go to a website that requires you to download software to get a repair done. Once somebody has your credit card info they can charge whatever they want, when they want to.
And you never know just what you downloaded from a website, Virus?

Always deal local and in person and your chances of a good repair are a lot better then dealing with strangers over the Internet.