About James and RenoGeek computer repair…

I have been working with computer software and hardware for well over 40 years. Starting with building kit computers as a kid and moving on to programming and repairs of personal and business systems when they first became popular in the 1980’s.

Having worked on and programmed for every major computer platform since the beginning of the personal computer boom I bring unique talent not found with many technicians.

In my time with Computers I have…

Ran computer repair centers.
Been a Senior Technician and Manager in a Fortune 500 company.
Setup and ran Computer Repair stores.
Built thousands of systems for many different computer stores.
Designed and installed many networks both big and small. (3-270 computers).

And I have personally repaired thousands of computers.
(Ask other techs how many computers they have repaired and you may be surprised).

I’m a National Computer Science Academy, ExpertRating and Brain Bench Certified Professional Technician.

With certificates in Computer Technician Skills, DOS, all versions of Windows from 3.0 to Windows 10, TCP/IP (networks), Technical Support, Computer Forensics, Network Security, HTML 4.0 and 5.0, Javascript, Office, Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Security and Internet Research Techniques and Resources.

As you will read below I am a very well rounded computer technician. While some are hardware guys and others just deal with software, I have 40+ years on both sides of the business.

While many will tell you they are a “tech” after building a handful of computers or installing Windows a few times. I have proved it thousands of times over by running computer repair shops, writing award winning software that is used on thousands of systems daily, teaching other techs the business and having many happy customers all around Reno.

Short Bio…

At around 8 I started working with programmable calculators and building kit computers. By 12 I was building kit computers for other people and was part of a ham radio club where people also meet to share and talk about computers.

At the age of 15 my first job was as a Computer Technician working after school and then after a early High school graduation I became the Service Manager in charge of 7 other technicians at one of the first computer stores that grossed over two million a year in computer repair sales almost four decades ago. During this time I personally advised both customers and technicians on the repair of thousands of computers. As well as building high end custom systems and repairing almost every type of computer sold. In addition to all this I taught people how to program and repair computers before there were any schools for this.

I moved on to be a Senior Technician for a major camera retailer. Installing and fixing computers, networks and programming systems and other specialty equipment at different locations around the country. In addition to these duties I was a company technical trainer and oversaw the setup of new locations and equipment worth over a half million dollars per site.

I then became the IT manager for a chain of jewelry stores. Maintaining networks, business website, servers and desktop systems at many different locations. As well as programming custom software and databases and maintenance on specialty equipment including such things as X-ray fluorescence scanners, Industrial lasers and IP based security systems.

Over these many years I have repaired just about every kind of computer sold to the public and used in the business world. I have also serviced most brands of printers, copiers and a host of other peripheral equipment.

2005-Present Day:
Today I offer Expert Onsite Computer Repairs and Support to both home and business users. Offering my clients, Great Service from a Technician with a skill-set not found with most other technicians. My client base that has grown to hundreds of customers and RenoGeek Computer Repair is considered one of the best On-Site Service Computer Repair Experts in the Reno Nevada area. With both an A+ BBB rating and Winning the Angie’s List Super Service Award twice.

Unlike many “techs” I am also a licensed business.
This is my full time job, not a sideline or something for extra money.
Please make sure you ask what you get for your money before having somebody come to your home or office to work on your equipment.

Ask if they offer a written warranty? How many years have they been fixing computers systems? Do they make their living fixing computers or is it just a hobby?

Many times I get calls that start with…
“well I had this guy come and try to fix my system but…”

Also ask if they are a Nevada based business. There is a growing trend for national companies to run local ads for computer repair. After you call these companies and setup a repair they look in listings for local techs and then sub contract the work out. Many times not even asking what kind of experience the tech has. Make sure your dealing with a local company and save yourself some headaches in the future.

Please ask questions before having somebody come to your home or office. There is no need to pay for the same repair twice when it’s done right the first time.

In addition to being licensed I am a expert on many software titles and can help you with almost any programming need. I also hold over 100 copyrights for software I have written and have had my programs highlighted on many websites.