Do I need a new computer?

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Do I need a new computer?

If your computer is more than 5 or 6 years old, then in many cases yes, you can benefit from a new system that takes advantage of the newest technology that was not mainstream when your current system came out.

In cases with computers less than 6 years old. Many times they are just bogged down by old temp files, adware, spyware and viruses. And a painless cleaning can speed up your system again and save you money!

Just going to the store and getting a new computer will not stop you from getting all this malware back again (as whatever security failure you have is likely to be repeated when you set up a new computer.) and you then might be in the same boat 6 months from now. It is laso a royal pain to have to then find and reinstall all the programs you had with the computer you are now using.

Contact James at RenoGeek today and get your system cleaned and setup so that it is harder for all types of malware to infect your computer. This way you’ll have saved yourself money and have a faster running system.

If you should decide on a new system for whatever reason, then make sure you call RenoGeek and have your system setup right from the start with special software and settings that will help make sure your system will stay fast and secure. While also getting your important data off of your old system. So your back up and running in no time!