Turn off ads in Windows 10 Explorer View

A few years back when Microsoft started pushing Windows 10 I had a bunch of clients asking me why they were going to give it away for free. My answer at the times was 1. It would not be free forever and would be sold as (Windows as a service) aka, be turned into a subscription service (See the new versions of Office ).

Or 2. Microsoft would turn Windows into a AD platform. Pushing ads to end users while they work on “their” computers.

Lately it seems that my 2nd prediction is coming true as Microsoft is now pushing ads not only in the main menu and start screens but also in File explorer.

Needless to say this is pretty annoying as most don’t want to see them when their looking for a report or Grandma’s pictures.

After playing around a bit I have come across a way to get rid of the ads in file explorer and this should work for a time until Microsoft forces a update to “fix” this fix.

Here is how to turn off ads in Windows 10 File explorer…


  1. Start File explorer and then click View > Options > Change folder and search options.
  2. In the Folder options pop up, select the View tab.
  3. Next,  in the Advanced Settings box, scroll down and un-check the option “Show sync provider notifications.”
  4. Click, OK.