Sunday in the shop

Here in the shop early this Sunday to do a bunch of in house computer repairs. And also getting ready for a busy week as I am already booked out till Friday morning.

Some users being locked out of MS accounts

It seems some of Microsoft’s authentication services have gone down this morning. If you can’t get into your computer or other device just wait. Don’t panic and try to re-install your O/S or reset your phones.

This is the reason I prefer to still install local accounts on new computers.

Sunday in the shop

In the shop today to finish up some computer repairs due tomorrow and to work on the new website theme. At least the streets were pretty clear even with the snow this Sunday. 🙂

Busy this Friday

Shop is almost at capacity for repairs and will be on the road late today with service calls. And booked half of next week already.  Seems I’ll be busy the next 6 or 7 days. Lets just hope the weather behaves for awhile.

Back at the shop

Started out in the shop today. Repaired a bunch of systems, dropped them off. Did some more service calls on the way back and now repairing the next batch of computers …

Website updates

I have most of the new version of the website up and working. In the shop today working on that and a bunch of computer repairs.

How does the Cloudbleed security leak impact you?

A few days ago, CDN (content delivery network) Cloudflare, informed users that a security flaw had been discovered on their network.

So why is this important to you? Well a CDN offers what can be called storage and caching services to other websites. Websites use these service to reduce the load on their own servers and to process requests to their websites faster. Because a CDN saves files on servers all over the world. In general, they can pull the information you want from a server closer to you and save time.

Many websites use CDN’s for these features, and here is were the problem starts. Cloudflare, being one of the largest CDN’s on the planet, provides these services to millions of websites. And from the reports about this security flaw, it seems that personal user information from website end users may have been exposed.

Which means account information, contact details and even passwords seem to have been leaked.

As Cloudflare is used as the primary CDN for millions of websites there is a chance that your data may have been exposed also.

So what can you do?

Change your passwords.
Never use the same passwords. Create a new one for each account you have.
Do not use easy to guess passwords.
If your not sure how to proceed please call RenoGeek to setup an appointment to improve your security.