4 computer repairs before …

9am already finished. 5 more to go and I’ll be in the shop most of the weekend between other service calls. Looks like people are dug out of the snow and getting things in order now, lol 🙂

Catch up day

In the computer repair shop, catching up on work and getting ready for what looks like  a busy weekend so far. Already mostly booked for next week as well.

A few hours here and then a bunch of drop offs of repaired systems this afternoon.

Sunday in the shop

Here in the shop early this Sunday to do a bunch of in house computer repairs. And also getting ready for a busy week as I am already booked out till Friday morning.

Some users being locked out of MS accounts

It seems some of Microsoft’s authentication services have gone down this morning. If you can’t get into your computer or other device just wait. Don’t panic and try to re-install your O/S or reset your phones.

This is the reason I prefer to still install local accounts on new computers.

Sunday in the shop

In the shop today to finish up some computer repairs due tomorrow and to work on the new website theme. At least the streets were pretty clear even with the snow this Sunday. 🙂

Busy this Friday

Shop is almost at capacity for repairs and will be on the road late today with service calls. And booked half of next week already.  Seems I’ll be busy the next 6 or 7 days. Lets just hope the weather behaves for awhile.

Website updates

I have most of the new version of the website up and working. In the shop today working on that and a bunch of computer repairs.